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SNOLAB Workshop

August 25th and 26th, Sudbury Ontari, CANADA

First Circular: June 03, 2010



The annual SNOLAB workshop will be held this year in Sudbury on August 25th and 26th, 2010. There will also be an opportunity for underground tours on August 27th for those who wish to see developments within the SNOLAB facility.

This is a first notice of the SNOLAB workshop such that interested parties may schedule their travel plans accordingly. The workshop website is operational and accepting registrations at and provides additional logistical details for the workshop. Please also note that SNOLAB will be hosting the third workshop in the Low Radiation Techniques series the following weekend (August 28th and 29th) and so we hope to see many people at both events. Please see for details of the LRT workshop.

This is an exciting time for the SNOLAB facility as we make the transition from laboratory construction to deployment of the first of the new suite of experiments. The SNOLAB workshop will review the overall science programme, with a major part of the workshop devoted to the astroparticle physics programme. The SNOLAB Experiment Advisory Committee will again review the science programme and provide advice and guidance to the SNOLAB Directorate.

Therefore, the main goals of the workshop will be:

  • To discuss the overall science programme and objectives of SNOLAB
  • To review new applications to the Experimental Advisory Committee.
  • To allow the Experiment Advisory Committee to review the progress of approved and running SNOLAB experiments, to discuss their infrastructure and resource requirements.
  • To review the assignments for space underground

The objective of the meeting is to provide SNOLAB with a well-understood roadmap towards realizing the current experimental programme, and an understanding of future infrastructure needs for new experiments such that we can tailor the facility to suit. We are therefore making a renewed call for Letters of Interest and Proposals to be received by SNOLAB by Aug 9th, 2010. If your project wishes to be sited at SNOLAB within the next few years, we would be pleased to receive a proposal and have a presentation at SNOLAB 2010. In addition, we would welcome requests for development or prototyping space.

Best Regards, and looking forward to welcoming you to Sudbury,

Nigel Smith,
SNOLAB Director



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Experiments at SNOLAB include topics in astroparticle physics studying properties of neutrinos, measuring properties of the Sun and looking for Dark Matter.