SNOLAB2010 Agenda (updated)

SNOLAB Workshop 2010 Presentations

Wednesday August 25, 2010
Speaker Title File
Fraser Duncan SNOLAB Facility Status ppt
Mark Chen Status Update and progress on the SNO+ neutrino experiment pdf
Clarence Virtue Status update and progress on the HALO supernova detector pdf
Jacques Farine Status update and progrss on the EXO double beta decay experiment pdf
Wolfgang Rau Status update and progress on the super-CDMS Test Facility and plans for sCDMS at SNOLAB pptx
Mark Boulay Status update and progress on the DEAP-3600 dark matter experiment pptx
Eric Dahl Status update and proggress on the COUPP dark matter experiment ppt
Vitaly Kudryavtsev Backgrounds within underground facilities pdf
Thursday August 26, 2010
Daniel McKinsey Status update and progress on the Mini-CLEAN dark matter experiment ppt
Carsten Krauss Status update and progress on the PICASSO dark matter experiment pdf
Chris Jillings Update from DEAP-1: a liquid argon dark matter detector ppt
Alex Wright Update from Darkside-50: a two-phase argon dark matter pdf
Philippe di Stefano Recent results from the CDMS dark matter detector  
Melissa Boswell Update on the Majorana double decay detector



Kai Zuber Update and progress on the COBRA double beta decay detector ppt
Filippo Orio Update and recent results on the CUORE double beta decay programme pdf




We will have an underground tour available on Friday August 27, 2010

Please remember:

  • Contact lenses are strictly prohibited underground.

  • Wear good socks.

  • We suggest you wear a t-shirt and shorts underneath your mine gear.

  • If you have long hair, please tie it in a ponytail.

  • Lockers are available on surface.

  • Showers are available on surface after the tour.

  • We supply mine gear and clean-room clothing.

  • If you have your own green-tag CSA safety boots, please bring them.





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Experiments at SNOLAB include topics in astroparticle physics studying properties of neutrinos, measuring properties of the Sun and looking for Dark Matter.